What to Expect on your First and Second Visits

First Vist

All new practice members are requested to print and fill out new practice member forms as completely as possible. Please remember to bring them with you on your first visit!

We believe strongly in educating our practice members.  When you arrive at our office you will be greeted and given an educational tour of our office.  This tour will allow you to feel comfortable in our office and begins the process of educating you on how we will be able to help you with your health concerns.


The next step is your specific, scientific chiropractic assessment.  Comprehensive neurological diagnostic testing is performed to find the exact levels of interference in your nervous system, called a vertebral subluxation.  We use state-of-the-art, space age technology called the Myovision, which was originally developed by NASA researchers, to assist us in our assessment.



Chiropractic postural spinal x-rays may be requested by Dr. Brad or Dr. Genevieve depending on your age and situation.  They will be an integral part of the examination to find vertebral subluxations.  You will be sent off site to have these x-rays taken.    To see is to know and we don’t want to guess about your health!

Second Visit

Your second visit, the Doctor’s Report, is the most important visit you will have in our office.  This visit may take up to 90 minutes so we ask that you budget your time accordingly. At this visit we will go over our findings from your assessment and x-rays (if taken) as well as give our recommendations for you to achieve the best and quickest results possible.  After this visit you will understand exactly how chiropractic care can help with the health and well-being of your entire body. We have set aside specific times for these appointments so they do not interfere with regular adjusting hours.  Immediately following your Doctor’s Report you will receive your very first specific, scientific chiropractic adjustment!