What is a Subluxation?

Spine and Nervous SystemYour brain is made up of nerve cells that organize into a thick cord of billions of nerve fibers to create your spinal cord. Your spinal cord extends down your back, protected by your spinal column, where it branches into numerous nerves that travel to various destinations in your body. This is a vast communication system over which a constant stream of messages flows to keep your body working properly.

These messages fill your brain and nerves, sending energy and information to every part of your body; muscles, bones, heart, liver, stomach, eyes, ears, blood vessels, etc. If this connection stopped, you’d quickly die. If the messages were partially blocked or altered, your body would malfunction and the result would be suffering, sickness, disease and a gradual disorganization and decline.

You can go for many weeks without food, for a week or so without water, for a few minutes without air, but not even a second without the life energy and information streaming across your nerves.

To be fully alive, you need to be fully connected. Chiropractors locate and correct subluxations, the small internal distortions that create “disconnections” in your body that interfere with your nervous system communications.

A subluxation can be present for years without producing any signs or symptoms, or it can manifest as a multitude of symptoms no matter what your age.  Unfortunately it’s estimated only 8-14% of all nerves can actually sense pain.  This means that you may have a subluxation present and not know it; some refer to the subluxation as “the silent killer” for this very reason.  The only way to find out if you have subluxations and get them corrected is to see a chiropractor who is trained specifically to assess the nervous system for subluxations and to correct them with chiropractic adjustments.