Our Techniques


Our techniques use gentle touch and light thrusting by hand or small, hand-held instrument called an Integrator. These low-force adjusting methods restore the normal degree of nerve tension and expression to allow for optimal body function and harmony. Our practice members from a few days old to seniors well into their 90s find that these techniques are both gentle and effective.

All our techniques are based upon chiropractic’s founder D.D. Palmer’s statement that “life is the expression of tone.” Imagine that your nervous system has a volume control. If the volume is too loud it causes distortion, with internal organ complaints, musculoskeletal stresses and diminished immune response. Too weak, and your body doesn’t receive critical messages, showing up as sluggishness, reduced performance and poor muscle support. Our techniques look to correct these problems by normalizing the functioning of the nerves, spinal cord and brain. After each adjustment, the body is given time to process the change. Correction continues with your body’s movements and breathing. This process teaches and empowers your body to make more corrections. Healing progresses with repeated visits.



Tonal Integrative Correction (T.I.C) 

Dr. Brad has trained extensively with the developer of this low force adjusting technique.   Over the past decade of hands on learning and application in a clinical setting, the T.I.C. method has helped to clarify and improve the chiropractor’s ability to provide safe, gentle and specific care.


Webster Technique

Dr. Brad is certified in the Webster technique, a specific chiropractic technique used during pregnancy.

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